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As you know, we are always in search of delectable food varieties around Canberra. This time we were questing for the best-fried chicken. But were we able to find it?!

We were lucky enough to discover this amazing place on Lonsdale Street Braddon, known as Fricken Fried Chicken. Honestly, we now doubt all the prior fried chicken we had ever tasted. Because this one, hands down, was too good to be real.

The Fricken backstory!

Fricken brothers, Mo and Marwan, have been serving the mouth-watering fried chicken to the people of Braddon using their mother's secret recipe. And we are telling you, the secret recipe is definitely a 10/10 without any doubt.

Fricken Brothers Mo (left) and Marwan (right)

Well, finding a restaurant that can do justice to the food and the flavour is hard. But we assure you after trying Fricken Fried chicken's food; we can finally say that our checklist for best-fried chicken has been ticked.

The Flavourful Fried Chicken

Their specialty- the fried chicken, is one of the most crunchy on the outside but full of flavours inside.

Being a food lover, you would know a crunch voice after the first bite is all you need to have to know that it was worth it. But that surely doesn't mean that the coating is crispy but bland, no. That's where Fricken Chicken earned some extra points, the coating has its own unique taste, and it's unimaginably tasty. And most importantly the chicken pieces are fried to perfection, juicy and tender inside.

Let’s Talk About More Food!

Talking about the menu of the food place, well, if you were wondering they only served fried chicken piece, then you were wrong. They provide all the delicious combinations and options one can imagine having a fried chicken with. Be it chicken fillet, crispy chicken strips, fried wings, or chicken salads; they have truly mastered the fried chicken department.

All the main courses are served with scrumptious sides ranging from classic fries to onion rings to wide sauce varieties. Not to forget, CMG (cheesy mash potatoes and gravy) is a win-win, and the CMG box that includes the perfectly golden chicken strips is what your taste-buds are looking for.


Fricken box, yet another combination that includes crispy chicken strips topped with their special sauce and comes with the fries. Everyone needs to try this too, or we would suggest ordering all their combo boxes. They all have so much to offer.

Guess what? They cater to people who prefer vegan food. A wide variety from vegan cauliflower patty burger to cauliflower nuggets they have everything.


Fricken Chicken has proved that ultimate fried chicken, after all, does exist. Fricken fried chicken provides you the wholesome experience of the scrumptious chicken food option with the perfect ambiance, located at the ideal spot. Canberra community, this is a must-try for you all.

Top 3 Favourites

Fricken Box


Fricken Burger


Fricken Chicken is located on Lonsdale St Braddon.

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  • Capital Food Adventure

In this Capital Food Adventure, we try Sri Lankan food for the very first time. Short Eats is a new Sri Lankan street food van which opened two weeks ago at Westfield Belconnen.

We had never tried Sri Lankan food before, and were very excited to give it a try! We were not let down as the food was absolutely amazing!

The first time we went there we tried their Rice and Curry and the Kottu. We were happy with the portion sizes as they were very decent and the food was filling. We also tried the pastries which were very flavoursome!

On the second day, we tried the chicken biryani and devilled chicken. The chicken Biryani is definitely a dish we will have time and time again!

Top 3 Favourites


Rice and curry

Chicken Biryani


Short eats is located on the top of Belconnen Westfield shopping centre, via the Lathlain St upstairs car park.