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Au Lac Canberra - You won't believe its Vegan!

If you're looking for a vegan restaurant that will blow your taste buds away, look no further than Au Lac. Located in Dickson, this famous vegan restaurant serves up a variety of dishes that are not only healthy, but also delicious and full of depth.

Tony's parents have been running Au Lac for years told us, "Most people think vegan food is really boring, but we're trying to change the perception of that at Au Lac. When you come in here and you try the food, it's fresh and full of flavour."

At Au Lac, they use tofu to mimic the texture of meat, but without any actual meat in the dishes. For first-time visitors, Tony recommends trying the laksa or the eggplant in clay pot. "It's spicy and fresh," Tony said.

What We Tried at Au Lac?

For entrees we tried the satay, which is grilled and smoky with an absolutely amazing sauce, and the Peking “duck”, which was very fresh and captured the flavours of duck so well.

For us the real star of the show at Au Lac is the soy meat and tofu stir fry. They captured the textures and flavours in a way that was so convincing! Honestly if I gave that to somebody for a try and asked “Tell me which meat this is," I think they'd say it's smoked duck or smoked chicken.

At close second was the Egg plant clay pot dish. Eggplant is great at absorbing flavours and this dish was a full-on flavour explosion.

So if you're looking for a vegan restaurant that serves up delicious and visually stunning food, be sure to check out Au Lac.





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