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Authentic Ramen flavours in Canberra?! Ramen O in Belconnen!

So good, we went for seconds

Our search for authentic ramen in Canberra had continued for some time now, until we discovered Ramen O. Located in Belconnen, they serve Kyushu style ramen. If you haven’t tried and tasted this type of ramen, then you are definitely missing out on some serious life-changing UMAMI flavours. Being a ramen lover, you would know that Kyushu style ramen is different from the other types. This style surely standouts from the other because of its richness, intense flavour, and thin ramen noodles. Do you know what makes this so flavoursome? The pork bone broth. Ramen O is there to fulfil your authentic ramen desires.

What We Tried at Ramen O?

We ordered the Yuzu Tonkotsu Ramen. This bowl is enough fulfilling for one person that you don’t need to order more stuff. The extensive use of pork bones makes it strong and gives it a milk texture. Talking about the noodles, then they were thin, long, and well-cooked. The ramen was topped with a delicious slice of Char shui Pork, half a steeped egg, and a slice of Yuzu that added depth to the taste, and also gave the ramen an amazing aroma.

We also tasted Ramen wow, and it tastes delightful too. The bowl is filled with rich pork broth, delicious noodles, a slice of Char shui pork on the top, some vegetables and seasoned perfectly with the right balance of spices.

Apart from this, we ordered veggie gyoza too – nice and crunchy.

You get some variety to choose from, such as spicy ramen, super spicy ramen, and deluxe ramen. That means they cater to an extensive range of customers depending on the spice level.

Is the Long Line Wait Worth It?

Honestly, what really pumped us to visit this place was the extra-long line to get into the restaurant in the first place. A long line is often an indicator of good food right?! After having our first bite, we knew right there and then that the hype was real, and the wait was all worth it. Ramen O’s menu gives you enough items that you will always have another thing to try on your next trip.

We recommend this place to the people of Canberra. There is no doubt in saying that this might be the most delicious and mouth-watering ramen we have even tasted in Canberra.

The last slurp

You know there is a line outside a shop only when it meets your expectations far beyond your imagination. This is that one place you won’t regret waiting in line for.

If you are craving some authentic ramen noodles, hit this place. Plan accordingly; you might have to wait for longer than expected.



Open Monday - Friday



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