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SHORT EATS serves up spectacular Sri Lankan food

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

In this Capital Food Adventure, we try Sri Lankan food for the very first time. Short Eats is a new Sri Lankan street food van which opened two weeks ago at Westfield Belconnen.

We had never tried Sri Lankan food before, and were very excited to give it a try! We were not let down as the food was absolutely amazing!

The first time we went there we tried their Rice and Curry and the Kottu. We were happy with the portion sizes as they were very decent and the food was filling. We also tried the pastries which were very flavoursome!

On the second day, we tried the chicken biryani and devilled chicken. The chicken Biryani is definitely a dish we will have time and time again!


Top 3 Favourites


Rice and curry

Chicken Biryani



Short eats is located on the top of Belconnen Westfield shopping centre, via the Lathlain St upstairs car park.




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