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Super Emoji - The Emotion of Bubble Tea

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

As you all know, we are always up for a food adventure, and this time we ended up at a fun and quirky place. By fun and quirky, we don't only mean the ambiance and the whole setup of the place; we also mean really cool food that was served. And yes, not to forget the drinks as well.

We won't prolong the curiosity, so let's just break it to you guys that we visited Super Emoji, Canberra, and we are sold on their splendid fruit and bubble teas.

Let’s be honest, how many times you have tried bubble tea and left feeling disappointed? Many, right? We have been on that boat too! Until our visit here!

What Makes Super Emoji Unique?

Before we talk about anything else, let's give Super emoji the due credit for coming up with such an eccentric idea of infusing emotions into what they serve. The whole surrounding of the café is so fun-loving and lively that one can surely feel like they have entered into a different animated world. Even the menu cards are of such fun and vibrant colours that they make you feel hyped excited well before you are gulping down Australia’s best bubble tea.

Another fantastic thing about this little place is that they keep on adding seasonal items to their menu. So you can always have a new item on the menu to order for yourself.

What Super Emoji Offers?

Apart from serving the best bubble tea, they offer a wide range of drinks and desserts.

Their desserts are beautifully decorated and need to be snapped up by your phone before you take a bite. From their smaller cream puffs, and scrumptious soufflés, you can feel the enriching taste of various fruits in every bite.

Then, there is another menu for the drinks. Oh my gosh, the range is huge. You surely have to take the time to decide what to order. Every option in the menu is as mouth-watering leading one to create a ‘what to try next time list’. The drink menu comprises of different types of teas: jelly, traditional, milk, and fruit teas. Also, they serve yogurt slushes too, again something to look forwards to and taste, of course.

What We Tried!

We couldn't try everything, but we still managed to have a taste of almost all of the things on the menu. It would require frequent visits to taste everything, after all.

We tried their Asam milk tea, and it was the perfect blend of tea with other flavours. Next, we had Tim-Tam bomb tea, which was surely living up to its name, full taste bombardments. We also experienced White peach and lychee green tea slush, and it was a treat to taste buds.

Coming to desserts, we had mango pomelo soufflé; it was fluffy, soft, light, and delicious. We also had the pleasure to taste Super Emoji's Oreo mocha éclair. It had a right crisp outside and had buttery filling inside.


We would strongly recommend putting Super Emoji on your list of places to visit, and yes, it is Instagram worthy too!

Come here to experience the delicious teas and desserts with the extraordinary interior for yourself. You will love it.



Super emoji is located in Garema Place, City Walk

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