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Wukong Hot Pot - Home of the Monkey King

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Situated in Dickson, Wukong Hot pot is one of the first authentic Chinese Chong Qing hot pot places in Canberra. This fact alone makes this place so appealing and worth trying. As you all know, we are always on the go and trying out different things. Hence, this time we ended up at this exciting new place, and we were surprised by what it has to offer.

Before we dig right into the menu and what we liked the most, we found one thing really attractive. And that was definitely the digital tablets as a replacement of card menus. It shows that everyone around including the restaurants and cafes industry is also stepping up their game with technological advancements.

A Word by Sean, The Owner

As we interviewed Sean, he revealed that he went to China to bring the authentic taste and the legit hot pot to Canberra. In an inclusive talk, he also mentioned that he studied in China for several months before bringing back the real flavour of hot pot.

Upon asking his recommendation, he suggested us his top three food items from the menu. Black beef tripe was topping the list, followed by the 1-meter board of beef and lamb, and lastly the crispy pork.

What Did We Order?

We basically ended up ordering almost everything, because we were really excited about the opening of a hot pot place in our town. Starting with the hot pot soup, it came in a customised pot with three sections. Each section contained different soups. What we ordered comprised of Chong Qing style broth, traditional hot and spicy broth, and vegetable style broth. All of them tasted different from one another but equally flavoursome.

We had our different sauces that enhanced the taste of every item that we dipped in the hot pot. The northern style and the southern style were the two sauces we had, and both were finger-licking.

The main items that we dipped in the soups were wagyu beef, crispy pork, quail eggs, prawn meatballs, and fried tofu skin. Each and everything was appetizing and luscious.

Speaking brief of crispy pork, you can enjoy these hot shots on their own or else with the broths. It depends on whether you prefer them crispy or soaked.

A Little Challenge by Cindy

Well, by the end of our tasting and eating session, we played a little game. We were surprised to see the variety that Wukong offers. For instance, we had duck giblets and duck intestines. The giblets had a rubbery mouthfeel if that’s something you prefer then make sure to add that in your order.

In Nutshell

Overall, it was a tasty and rich trip down to Wukong hot pot. Now we finally know where friends and family can have a great gathering because you know the food can be trusted up.

We are looking forward to more hot pot places in Canberra. For now, we know which place to head to.




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